Cantho Food Tour

Join our Can Tho Street Food Tour and explore Cantho life through the food we eat. Learn more about our food and the culture of the Mekong-Delta. There is only a small 7 $US sign up fee per person. On the tour just pay for the food and tip the guide whatever you think is appropriate at the end of the tour (recommended 4 $US).

“A fantastic food walking tour to nearby local restaurants that will serve you some of the best (and cheapest!) food we have had on our trip.” Maria, Spain

“Nourriture typique et excellente. À faire absolument!” Valerie, Switzerland

“Amazing culinary tour of Can Tho. This was definitely a highlight of my time in Vietnam.” Lisa, USA

We will bring you to some of the upcoming locations in Can Tho, from the teenage corner of the city to the very local street-food restaurants where you can see people devouring our most yummy dishes. And, you can try them right away yourself!

Start: 6.30 pm daily

Place: Mekong Tours Office at Hotel Xoai, 93 Mau Than Street, Xuan Khanh, Ninh Kieu in Can Tho [Map] – Look for the big sign “Hong Phuc Pharmacy”.

Please reserve beforehand through our online booking form. You will receive a confirmation by email.

Price: A small 7 $US registration fee per person. Then just pay for your own food and tip the guide at the end of the tour ($US 4 recommended)

If you liked the tour, we recommend a 4 $US for the guide. With your tip you support the families of our guides.

Celebrate Mekong Street Food

❶ We start the tour at Nguyen Viet Hong street where we get a deep fried fish tofu stick and beef snack balls (7.000VND).

❷ We continue to De Tham, a popular food street, where we eat “Banh Cong” (10.000 VND), a Can Tho traditional pie cake made from a mixture of green beans, little shrimp and minced pork, which is steamed and then deep fried in a flour dough.

❸ At the next location we try “Nem Nuong” – pork BBQ rolled up in rice paper with rice noodles, lettuce, thin banana slices, Asian basil, mint, pineapple, coriander, fresh herbs and leaves. This is a really healthy street food option, that you can dip in a yummy sweet-spicy sauce (18.000 VND/portion).

❹ If you are getting thirsty, do not worry. We will right away stop by a pub in Huynh Cuong Street and enjoy an extra-large jug of “Phong Dinh” beer (36.000 VND/2L), the locally produced beer named after the historic name of Can Tho city.

❺ Arriving at the riverside, a friendly lady, known by the Can Tho youth since their childhood, “Di map” (Jie map), will make us the most yummy sticky rice. It is made with different ingredients that result in yellow or pink color and served with dried coconut on top (6,000 VND). And definitely a top experience! Here you will also see small stalls selling different varieties of hand grilled dried seafood and rice snacks.

❻ We will end our evening excursion at a street cafe in the quay area with a fresh smoothie made from fruits of the delta (15.000 VND). We join the students sitting on small chairs along the street drinking new style Hanoi ice tea, Vietnamese Ice Coffee “Ca Phe Da” or the Vietnamese street version of bubble milk tea “Tra Sua Tran Chau”.

What will you experience

+ A walk through some of the upcoming locations in Can Tho city
+ Absolutely local street food
+ Locally produced beer and freshly-made fruit drinks
+ The Mekong city life through the eyes of a local
+ Cultural stories on the corners we pass
+ Interesting facts about the food we eat
+ Meeting other international travelers and locals


As we have dozens of locations and hundreds of street food stalls in the city, we can adapt the tour to the preferences of our daily groups. There is an option of a Vegetarian tour or an “Out of the ordinary tour” available where you can try rather strange food like grilled field mice, snakes, frogs or snails.

Booking: Please use the online booking form to reserve your ticket for the tour. You will receive a confirmation by email.


The tour takes place every day, but the organization is subject to weather conditions. If the tour has to be cancelled in case of heavy rain or other weather conditions tickets will be reimbursed online.

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